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Up until 1995, University of Cincinnati basketball players were usually only arrested for misdemeanor theft, disorderly conduct, or domestic violence.

Art Long set a new precedent by getting arrested for punching a horse.

According to police, Officer Blair Baker was writing a traffic citation on his horse, Cody, when Long and fellow UC teammate Danny Fortson drove by and shouted at him.

“You Uncle Tom … You are going to get yours,” the men shouted according to police.

Shortly thereafter, other officers stopped the car to question them. While being questioned, Long became angry and allegedly punched the horse.

Defense lawyers later claimed Long was only petting the horse.

Long was eventually found not guilty of assaulting the police horse, but this incident still goes down as one of the oddest in Cincinnati sports.

In Long’s defense, the horse Cody, or rather the horse’s riders, may have been crying wolf.

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